madonna.jpgThere are just a handful of devotionals that I’ve spent much time with over the years, and among that small band, only three have found a permanent place on the side table with my Bible and journal.  With ever-fresh insight the great classics My Utmost for His Highest and Streams in the Desert have prodded me, encouraged me, and uplifted me over and over again.  But the third is a more obscure title, given to me by a friend as a birthday gift nearly eight years ago, and every dip into its grace-laden pages is like a restorative tonic.  The Seeking Heart, from the works and letters of Francois Fenelon, is a remarkable little volume, proclaiming the simplicity that is in Christ on every page.  With penetrating directness the great French saint pinpoints the hindrances and entanglements that keep us from following Christ with all of our hearts.  Three centuries fall away as his timeless message addresses the needs of our frantic modern day.  This book is available from the Seed Sowers press in an updated version that loses nothing of the orginal candor.