for Frances, Charlotte and Margaret, three beautiful princesses…

(I wish that I had written this!)

Just Like a Book

My little girl of many dreams, the world a book and life a story,
How beautiful the princess seems, how well the hero wears his glory.
I don’t intend to shake my head and tell you all the knights are dead
And lovely queens no more command the homage of some happy land.

Because they do!  I have no doubt some queen right now is watching o’er you,
Today some knight is setting out to slay some awful dragon for you.
It’s true the queen may wear no crown, perhaps her robe’s a gingham gown,
The knight no armour may possess, but they are splendid nonetheless. 

For never far have we to look before a princess we have found us,
It’s all just like a story book, if we will only look around us.
I’m sure that Mother is as kind as any queen you’ll ever find,
And Father just as hard would fight for you and her as any knight. 

Each morning fathers ride away to seek for fortune and for glory
And mothers watch and wait and pray–it’s all exactly like the story.
And so, you see, it all is true, and knights and ladies near to you
As fine as any in a book, my little girl, if you will look.

 Douglas Malloch Little Hop-Skipper