Here are our new babies—ten in all! There are few things in the world as sweet as baby chicks. We always have so much fun when we have a new brood of them…and I spend an inordinate amount of time leaning over the brooder, feeding them out of my hand, picking them up and kissing their downy little heads. And telling them all about their big sisters out in the hen house who are (not so) eagerly awaiting their arrival. 😉 It will be a good five weeks, yet, before they’re big enough to move into a house of their own. So, for now, I am loving every moment of chick-hood. It’s hard to believe that this is our fourth brood. I remember coming home from the feed & seed seven springs ago with a cardboard box full of fluffy, peeping Rhode Island Reds and absolutely no idea what I was doing! I’ve learned a lot about chickens in the mean time—and everything I have learned has made me love them. And smile a thanks towards God for making these funny, quirky, sometimes ridiculous, always entertaining creatures. And for allowing me to raise them!


With chicks in one basement and seedlings thriving under lamps in another, it’s starting to feel like spring is really around the corner! It’s hard for me not to be impatient, not to be disappointed that the peas I planted in the garden Saturday have not germinated yet! But remember my sweet peas? They’ve all sent up slender green stalks topped with leaves folded like a newly-emerged moth’s wings. Soon those delicate trailers will begin groping for the picket fence. And one magic day not too far in the future, I’ll notice that the tops of the vines are drooping with tiny, pale buds. I can’t wait…

Did anyone see the lunar eclipse Saturday night? We didn’t even know that it was happening, but were fortunate enough to be driving to a dinner party that evening with a full and open view of the skyline.

“What’s wrong with the moon?” I asked my husband. For only the tiniest crescent of what I knew to be a full moon was visible in the darkening sky. With that wonder in the east and the stain of sunset in the west, it was a sight to take your breath. We stared in wonder as we drove along, the book we’d brought to read out loud lying forgotten in my lap. By the time we reached our destination the sliver had grown to a good-sized wedge. It was so weird and lovely to think that we were making that shadow on the moon.