…and a thousand golden memories littering the shore we left behind.

And for the first time in over a month, my blue train case has been tucked away and the suitcases have been stowed and our beloved tea thermos and aluminum cups have been washed and hung in their plaid case on their peg in the closet. We’ve crammed a summer’s-worth of holiday into a few precious weeks. And while we’re both feeling very much like it’s time, as my grandmother would say, to ‘get down to brass tacks’ and all the sweet sobriety of normal days, it’s hard not to be the least bit wistful over the trailing wisps of such happy times. They linger yet like a fragrance, crooking an ephemeral finger, as it were, for one last backward glance…

Watching the sunset with Caspian, Jekyll Island, May 2010

Sunset Picnic, St. Simons Island, June 2010

11th Anniversary at Jekyll Island, June 2010

I wanted to give an account for myself, and my relative silence around here. And I wanted to let all of you know that I’ve got some lovely secrets that are bursting at the seams which I cannot wait to begin sharing with you next week! (And perhaps there might be a seaside tale or two brewing to boot…).

But for the present, I’m still dreaming of live oaks in their ghostly draperies of Spanish moss and air scented with the lemon-spice of magnolias and a crescent moon swinging low over a heaving sea like ‘a silver girl on silver sands’…

God bless you all and I hope that you have a very happy Independence Day! See you next week,