Meet the newest member of our family, our beautiful Nubian doeling, Hermione.

Afraid I’m going to be a little occupied around here, what with bottle brigade and romps in the yard and stroking those gorgeous Nubian ears. And I may or may not have had her in my lap at the breakfast table this morning…

She’s a week old and already a diva. Now we’re just looking for a playmate for her, as it’s really best to raise them in pairs.

But she’s rapidly charming the socks off all the rest of the family:

Philip just missed the full-blown kiss

And Puck? He nearly jumped out of his black knee-boots in surprise. I wish you could have seen the distinctly goat-ish double take–he all but rubbed his eyes with his hooves.

She’s nothing short of a gift to us all. And we love her to utter distraction.