We’re delighted to announce that Hermione has a sister.

Hermione, aka Her Majesty

Hermione is delighted, too.

And she was only too happy to teach Perdita how to kick up her heels.

Perdita is exactly one week younger than her sister, (one week old today!) and she hadn’t had as much experience with the joy of life as Hermione already had at her age. But if anything’s catching in this world, it’s goat joy. Hermione doesn’t walk–she bounces or bounds or springs or capers. And after watching her curiously for a few days, and a couple of tumbles on the slippery wooden floors, Perdita has finally found her legs and is cutting a caper with the best of them.

Hermione in flight

I was talking to a dairyman the other day and he was expounding on the various virtues of the caprine milkers. He told me about the hardiness of the Saanens and praised the quality of the LaManchas.

“But the Nubians–they’re different than all of them,” he told me. “They’re the only ones that’ll love you back.”

I believe it.

"Let all things their Creator bless..."

We are so glad and grateful that these little girls have come to live with us.

O God, who created all beasts and cattle in a wonderful order and gave them into our care: Bless these animals, that they may be a joy to humankind and sharers in the feeding and nurture of the world. Make us good shepherds of all your creatures, we pray, in the Name of our merciful and Good Shepherd, your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.