"Mrs. Miniver", 1942

I have read and re-read the entries for the giveaway of Mrs. Miniver, and I am just marveling at the sheer goodness of the dreams submitted here. The range of compassion and aspiration–from farming to homemaking to artistic initiatives to the mastery of musical instruments–is really astounding, and the particularities of your visions are nothing short of breathtaking. (If you want to be inspired, or to be reminded of the exquisite uniqueness of individuals, then have a look at the comments section.) Thank you all for your candor in sharing such treasures of your hearts. As I’ve perused them, I’ve felt like I was looking into a box of precious jewels.

And I am pleased to announce that the winner of the drawing is Erin Henry, whose dream is to adopt a child.

(Erin, if you will send me your address via my secure contact form or via email to laniersbooks AT gmail DOT com, I will package your book and drop it in the mail post-haste.)

Thank you, all, again, for joining the celebration with such generosity and joy. I am still so dumbstruck that you take the time to stop in and read here, much less leave such gracious words of your own. I wish that I were able to respond personally to each one of your comments, but I do want you to know how much I appreciate them.

God bless!