I’ve been there and back again, which will hopefully account for my relative silence around here the past month or so.

"Fairest Isle, all isles excelling..."

But I’m home now, blessedly so, even though I left the Fairest Isle behind me, and I’m overflowing with memories and stories. Once the jetlag has abated somewhat and the suitcases have been stowed and the mountains of laundry have diminished, I will be back with some of the lovely things I’ve picked up along the way.

My heart is so full and its treasures so carefully wrapped in the sprawling illegibility of ink-scribbled pages. I am looking forward to unpacking some of them here for you.

And, oh, my goodness gracious–the BOOKS! I cannot wait for you to see them! All throughout our travels I kept my eyes open for just the right sort for my little shop. I hope to begin listing them this weekend, and I promise a post-proper when I do.

Until then, my friends. God bless.