The Millinery Shop by Degas

There are few things in life I love to celebrate more than the flowering of a dear friend’s passion. And, on this occasion, the joy is more than doubled, because it’s two friends I get to celebrate at once!

Sisters Katie Rambo Eaker and Amy Rambo are honestly two of my favorite people on the face of this earth. Our friendship is deep-rooted and of long-standing. (I won’t mention the fact that I used to teach Katie piano lessons when she was in high school, or that I babysat Amy!) The ties that knit our hearts in close communion are so precious to me, and extend beyond even our own kinship. Someone once asked, observing Katie’s and my incessant banter of memories and jokes at a party, just how we knew each other. We paused, exchanged slightly bemused expressions across the table. I spoke up at last, and with the utmost sincerity:

“Our great-great-great grandmothers were friends.”

Simply a more direct way of stating the fact that the lives of our kinfolk were intertwined four generations back (I’ve seen the neighboring plats on an old map) and that the tradition continues to this day. I truly count Katie and Amy among my dearest friends.

If there’s one thing that these two ladies exude, after a love for Jesus and a radiant joy in life, it is style. They are two of the classiest women I know. They embrace their femininity in a way that is truly inspiring, and they embody the time-honored art of elegance in everything they put their hands to—and most especially in their dress.

One day last spring, I had a few friends over for tea. It was a festal occasion in one lady’s honor, and, though a small affair, we had pulled out all the stops. I hauled my silver tea service out on the front porch and set the table with May roses and china cups. Everyone came in their sweet spring finery and we were chatting and catching up when one last car pulled in the driveway and circled around to the front of the house. Katie and Amy got out, and as they started up the walk, everyone stopped and stared. They looked stunning, as always, but there was something especially chic in their aspect, something a little bit more. Not too much, but just right. A crowning touch of elegance. For perched on their heads, above carefully coiffed hair, were the most cunning little hats we had ever seen: bits of feathers and diaphanous net and artfully arranged fabrics.


The ladies on my front porch that day went wild—everybody wanted one. They were so charming, so womanly. And it was then that these two sisters confessed to the company assembled that what had begun as an experiment in creativity one candlelit evening was blossoming before their very eyes into a business.

It gives me the utmost joy to announce that today my dear friends’ dream has become a reality.

Olive and Jane Millinery has officially opened its doors! And they are celebrating with a virtual Valentine’s party. They are giving away one of their exquisite fascinators on Friday, February 17th at 10 pm EST. All they are asking is that you share the love for Olive and Jane via social media and then let them know how you helped get the word out. Go and visit their beautiful website and read the story behind their name. Browse their breathtaking collections. And tell your friends! Here are some of the ways you can celebrate this special day along with Olive and Jane:

  • ~Pin some of their images on Pinterest with the tag #iloveOliveandJane and follow them there.
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You can read more about the giveaway here.

It really is so lovely, in this day and age of off-the-rack everything, to find someone brave enough and passionate enough to invest hours of their own craftsmanship into something beautiful. Just because it’s beautiful. The spirit of the women behind Olive and Jane is expressed in this heartfelt mission statement:

Our hope for each and every piece created is that the love for beauty that went into it will bless the life of the person who receives it.