merry-heartOh, friends.

Can it really be Thanksgiving Eve already? I make no secret of how much I love this day--it’s like my house and I together waken to all the practical (and delightfully impractical!) goodness of the season. My rooms feel it as keenly as I do, eager to swing wide heart and doors to our dear ones.

I’ve been in the kitchen All Day Long, with four vegetable casseroles, two pies, and twelve little jars of cranberry conserve to show for it. Tonight I’ll be studying my turkey recipe for the umpteenth time (a Bon Appetit gem from 2002), and tomorrow there will be even more vegetables to prepare, and candles to light and matches to touch to ready fires (even if it is 70 degrees outside!).  And then the sweet melee of doorbells and children and laughter…and a few tears.

And after that…the glad-yet-solemn tumble into Advent. I can’t believe it–but I cannot wait.

I want you to know that as I’m pausing here with my tea, I’m thinking fondly of the beautiful people that this little corner of the web has brought into my life. I am truly thankful for each of you–for your presence, your comments, your encouragement, and for the fact that my words have found safe harbor in such generous hearts.

And it’s for this reason that I am absolutely shimmering with excitement this evening over a lovely surprise I’ve been dying to share with you all:

My friend Laura and I have more things in common than I can count (I call her my Yankee soul twin). We’re writers, believers in beauty, battered-but-tenacious idealists and not-so-hopeless romantics. What’s more, we’re both absolutely head-over-heels in love with Christmas. Laura gets Christmas, and all the bright sadness of Advent leading up to it. For a decade and-a-half we’ve been hashing out our beliefs, ideals, and Christmas spirit fails via emails, texts, and hundreds (if not thousands) of cups of tea or cardamom-laced cocoa.

This Christmas, we’ve decided to give folks a peep behind the scenes at all the merriment, the pep talks, the tried-and-true, and the glorious flops. In other words, we’ve committed together to chronicle our way through this season as honestly and intentionally as we can–and we would love for you to join us!

Allow me to present:

Golden Hours: a blog devoted entirely to Christmas!

I know I have a lot of kindred spirits in Christmas-love in this space, so I really could not wait to tell you all about this scheme of ours. (And if you don’t know Laura yet, you’re going to love her!) Each day we will be posting recipes, things that worked, things that seriously didn’t work, old favorites and new discoveries. More importantly, we’ll be reminding each other, out in public, as it were, to keep our hearts anchored in the eternal, even as we’re celebrating the heck out of the temporal.

Consider this my early Christmas card, friends, with an invitation tucked inside. You’re as welcome as can be to this little party of ours!christmas-book