…but I have been out of the country!! πŸ˜‰

Imagine my delight, then, in the first surreal elation of homecoming, to learn the glorious news of our dear friend, Victoria magazine!! For those of you who are still in the dark, allow me the pleasure of bearing the glad tidings:

Victoria is returning!!

As of November 2007 the exquisite pleasure of a new Victoria in the mailbox will be ours once more! I can still hardly believe it. I don’t care two figs for ‘regular’ magazines. They take up space and create guilt by lying unread on the coffee table. And when I do flip through them they tend to create even more guilt over all the nifty projects I could be doing and the elegant (and expensive) meals I ‘should’ be preparing, not to mention the unlived-in perfection of the rooms and living spaces. But Victoria is a different matter altogether. The sheer beauty of the photographs nourishes my very soul–it’s the reason not one of my issues since February 1989 is missing from my collection. Victoria always employed a staff of gifted writers, as well, including such notable writers-in-residence as Madeleine L’Engle. It was a history lesson, a feast for the eyes and imagination, and a host of dream-come-true ideas for romantic living–especially for such a starry-eyed teenager as I was. (For the record, still starry-eyed, though no longer in my teens… ;))

Before we went overseas I knew exactly which issues to consult in planning our trip. I flipped through them madly, joyous with anticipation. In her tender and frequent homage to the Blessed Plot, Victoria gave me so many coveted glimpses of the England of my heart, thus fanning the flame of desires I seem to have been born with. And it’s all there, just as she promised. Images from her pages of rose-covered cottages and clipped yew hedges and stately gardens mingle happily and harmoniously with my own lovely memories now. And to be greeted upon my return with the unexpected, unhoped-for word of her revival–this was joy indeed!

One of the dozen or so posts I had in drafts before I left was a rather dejected harking-back to the Lament I’d written over a year ago bewailing the loss of Victoria. Of all the pieces I’ve ever written none has generated more feedback than that one…comments just keep trickling in, including one from a Very Special Visitor (I’ll see if you can pick it out ;)). But now, instead of a complaint, I have an action item for you: Go straight over to the Victoria website and sign up for the premiere issue! Let’s show the publishers (Hoffman Media teamed with the original Hearst Publications) how thrilled we all are. I read a press release that said they were hoping to draw 250,000 subscribers at the outset and I’m thinking that with all the buzz among like-minded web journals we can help! πŸ™‚


Now, go subscribe!



Lower Brockhampton, Herefordshire